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 ====== Welcome to SCONE ====== ====== Welcome to SCONE ======
-{{ :scone-demo.png?​direct&​600|}} +{{ :scone_window.png?​direct&​480|}} 
-SCONE is software for **predictive simulation** of **human and animal ​motion**.+SCONE is open source ​software for **predictive simulation** of **biological ​motion**.
-It **optimizes** muscle excitation ​patterns and motion trajectories according to **high-level objectives**such as walking speed and energy efficiency.+With SCONE, you can generate actuator ​patterns and motion trajectories ​that optimally perform a specific task, according to **high-level objectives** such as walking speed, pain avoidance, ​and energy efficiency.
 <​html><​center></​html>​ <​html><​center></​html>​
-<button type="​primary"​ size="​lg">​[[https://​simtk.org/​projects/​scone|Download SCONE]]</​button>​+<button type="​primary"​ size="​lg">​[[https://​simtk.org/​projects/​scone|Download SCONE (Win64)]]</​button>​
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