Generic Reflex based on a single sensor input.

Must be part of ReflexController.

Inherits from Reflex.

Parameter Type Description
mirror_left bool Mirror the dof value for left sided reflexes, useful for pelvis_list, pelvis_rotation, etc.; default = 0.
P0 Real Offset value, subtracted from input; default = 0.
KP Real Position feedback gain; default = 0.
allow_neg_P bool Allow this reflex to be negative; default = 1.
C0 Real Constant actuation added to the reflex; default = 0.
target String Name of the target actuator; use _o for actuators on the opposite side.
min_control_value Real Minimum output for this reflex; default = -infinity.
max_control_value Real Maximum output for this reflex; default = +infinity.
delay TimeInSeconds Neuromuscular delay [s] used for this reflex; default = 0.

Converted from doxygen using dokugen