Model of type OpenSim3.

Inherits from Model.

Public Attributes

Parameter Type Description
model_file String File containing the OpenSim model.
integration_method String Integration method, options are: SemiExplicitEuler, SemiExplicitEuler2 (default), RungeKutta2, RungeKutta3, RungeKuttaMerson.
integration_accuracy double Accuracy parameter for integration; default = 0.001.
initial_load_dof String Name of the DOF that needs to be adjusted to find the required initial_load; default = pelvis_ty.
enable_external_forces bool Boolean that must be set before external forces can be added to the model; default = (automatic).
signature_prefix String Prefix signature with custom string. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature_postfix String Append custom string to signature. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.

Public Functions

Function Description
OpenSim::Model & GetOsimModel() Get the OpenSim model attached to this model.

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