Model using the Hyfydy simulation engine.

Inherits from Model.

Parameter Type Description
model_file path File containing the Hyfydy model.
leg_upper_body string Name of the leg upper body; default = femur.
leg_lower_body string Name of the leg lower body; default = calcn.
enable_external_forces bool Must be set before external forces can be added to the model; default = 0.
integration_accuracy double Accuracy parameter for integration; default = config dependent.
ground_velocity Vec3 Velocity of the ground frame, useful for simulating treadmills; default = [0, 0, 0].
gravity xo::optional< hfd::vec3 > Gravitational constant; default = [0, -9.81, 0].
min_muscle_activation hfd::real Minimum muscle activation, values below are clamped to this; default = 0.01.
use_omnidirectional_root_dofs bool Use euler order yzx for root bodies (the sensible choice); default = 0.
state_init_file path File containing the initial state (or pose) of the model.
state_init_file_ignore_activations bool Ignore muscle activations from state_init_file (if present); default = 0.
initial_state_offset const PropNode * Offset [rad] or [m] to apply to initial state; default = 0.
initial_state_offset_symmetric bool Use symmetric offset for left and right; default = 0.
initial_state_offset_include String Pattern matching the states to include in initial offset (semicolon seperated); default = “*”.
initial_state_offset_exclude String Pattern matching the states to exclude in initial offset (semicolon seperated); default = “”.
use_fixed_control_step_size bool Use fixed step size for controllers; default = true.
fixed_control_step_size double Step size used for controllers; default = 0.001.
fixed_measure_step_size double Step size used for measures (not supported by all model types); default = fixed_control_step_size.
max_step_size double Maximum integration step size; default = fixed_control_step_size.
initial_load Real Initial load [BW] at which to place the model initially; default = 0.2;.
initial_load_dof String Name of the DOF that needs to be adjusted to find the required initial_load; default = pelvis_ty.
sensor_delay_scaling_factor Real Scaling factor to apply to all sensor delays; default = 1.
initial_equilibration_activation Real Activation used to equilibrate muscles before control inputs are known; default = 0.05.
initialize_activations_from_controller xo::optional< bool > Initialize muscle activations from initial controller values; default = true unless state_init_file contains activations.
neural_delays xo::flat_map< String, TimeInSeconds > Optional list of two-way neural delays, used by SpinalController.
user_input_file path File containing user input values, only for model with user inputs; default = “”.
scone_version xo::version scone version; this is set automatically when running an optimization.
signature_prefix String Prefix signature with custom string. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature_postfix String Append custom string to signature. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature String Set custom signature and omit the auto-generated signature.

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