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   * ''​LiftOff''​ -> ''​Swing''​ occurs if ''​leg_load''​ is below **swing_load_threshold**.   * ''​LiftOff''​ -> ''​Swing''​ occurs if ''​leg_load''​ is below **swing_load_threshold**.
   * ''​Swing''​ -> ''​Landing''​ occurs if ''​sagittal_pos''​ is above **landing_threshold**.   * ''​Swing''​ -> ''​Landing''​ occurs if ''​sagittal_pos''​ is above **landing_threshold**.
 +See the [[https://​scone.software/​doku.php?​id=tutorials:​gait|gait tutorial]] for an example.
 **Inherits from** [[controller|Controller]]. **Inherits from** [[controller|Controller]].