Measure for locomotion at a predefined speed, defined by the parameters min_velocity and (optionally) max_velocity.

This measure returns a value between 0 (velocity conditions are met) and 1 (model falls over immediately).Specifically, the value represents the average by which the velocity of each step falls between min_velocity and max_velocity. The value is normalized by min_velocity, i.e. a step velocity of 0.5 times min_velocity has a score of 0.5.In order to save simulation time and increasing optimization performance, the termination_height parameter is used to detect if the model has fallen, after which the simulation is terminated early (assuming it will not recover). It does so by comparing the center of mass (COM) height to the initial state, and terminates when (COM-height / initial-COM-height) < termination_height.See Tutorials 4 and 5 for examples.

Inherits from Measure.

Parameter Type Description
termination_height Real Relative COM height at which to terminate the simulation, as a factor of the initial COM height; default = 0.5.
continue_after_fall TimeInSeconds Time to continue after fall is detected [s]; default = 0.
min_velocity Real Minimum velocity [m/s]; default = 0 m/s.
max_velocity Real Optional maximum velocity [m/s]; default = 299792458 m/s.
load_threshold Real Load threshold for step detection; default = 0.1.
min_step_duration Real Minimum duration [s] of a step, used for step detection; default = 0.1.
initiation_steps int Number of initial steps of which the velocity is disregarded in the final measure; default = 2.
base_bodies String Name of the base bodies (i.e. feet), used for gait detection; default = “toes_l toes_r”.
direction Vec3 Gait direction vector; default = [ 1 0 0 ].
use_initial_heading bool Use initial heading for target direction; default = 0.
name String Name of the Measure, to be used in reporting; defaults to measure type.
weight Real Weighting factor applied to the result of the measure; default = 1.
threshold Real Threshold above / below which the measure becomes zero; default = 0.
threshold_transition Real Transition range above threshold between which the measure linearly decreases to zero; default = 0.
result_offset Real Offset added to measure result; default = 0.
minimize bool Indicate whether this measure should be minimized; default value depends on the measure type (usually true).
start_time TimeInSeconds Time [s] at which Controller becomes active; default = 0.
stop_time TimeInSeconds Time [s] at which Controller becomes inactive; default = until simulation ends.
signature_prefix String Prefix signature with custom string. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature_postfix String Append custom string to signature. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature String Set custom signature and omit the auto-generated signature.

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