Measure made up of different weighted Measures.

Individual child measures are evaluated and summed up, respecting the weight, threshold and offset parameters of the indiviudal measures (see Measure). Example:

CompositeMeasure {
    GaitMeasure {
        weight = 100
        threshold = 0.5
    EffortMeasure {
        weight = 0.1

The dual_sided parameter can be used to create equal measures for both sides of the body, for example:

CompositeMeasure {
    dual_sided = 1
    # this next measure is created for both ankle_angle_l and ankle_angle_r:
    DofMeasure {
        weight = 0.1
        dof = ankle_angle
        position { min = -60 max = 60 squared_penalty = 1 }
    # this next measure is created for both knee_angle_l and knee_angle_r:
    DofMeasure {
        weight = 0.01
        threshold = 5
        dof = knee_angle
        force { min = 0 max = 0 abs_penalty = 1 }

Inherits from Measure.

Parameter Type Description
dual_sided bool Create symmetric measures for both sides; default = false.
use_first_non_zero_result bool If set, the measure returns the first non-zero child measure, useful for tiered objective functions; default = false.
name String Name of the Measure, to be used in reporting; defaults to measure type.
weight Real Weighting factor applied to the result of the measure; default = 1.
threshold Real Threshold above / below which the measure becomes zero; default = 0.
threshold_transition Real Transition range above threshold between which the measure linearly decreases to zero; default = 0.
result_offset Real Offset added to measure result; default = 0.
minimize bool Indicate whether this measure should be minimized; default value depends on the measure type (usually true).
start_time TimeInSeconds Time [s] at which Controller becomes active; default = 0.
stop_time TimeInSeconds Time [s] at which Controller becomes inactive; default = until simulation ends.
signature_prefix String Prefix signature with custom string. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature_postfix String Append custom string to signature. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature String Set custom signature and omit the auto-generated signature.

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