Optimizer based on the CMA-ES algorithm by [Hansen].

This is an abstract base class, use a derived class instead.

Inherits from Optimizer.

Inherited by CmaOptimizerSpot.

Parameter Type Description
mu_ int Mu parameter of CMA-ES.
lambda_ int Lambda parameter of CMA-ES.
sigma_ double Initial Sigma parameter of CMA-ES.
window_size size_t Window size used for fitness prediction; default = 500.
random_seed long Random seed that will determine the randomness during the optimization.
flat_fitness_epsilon_ double Epsilon value to detect flat fitness; default = 1e-6.
init_file path Parameter file (.par) to be used for initial parameter values.
use_init_file bool Use init_file (if exists); default = true.
use_init_file_std bool Use the standard deviations from the init_file; when set to false, the initial standard deviation is computed as follows: STDEV = parameter value * init_file_std_factor + init_file_std_offset; default = true.
init_file_std_factor double Factor by which to multiply the standard deviations from the init_file; default = 1.0.
init_file_std_offset double Offset added to the standard deviations from init_file; default = 0.
max_threads size_t Maximum number of threads to use for this optimization; default = 32.
thread_priority int Thread priority of the optimization; 0 = lowest, 7 = highest, default = 1.
max_generations size_t Number of iterations after which to stop the optimization; default = 10000.
min_progress double Minimum progress after which to stop the optimization; default = 1e-6.
min_progress_samples size_t Minimum number of samples after which progress is measured; default = 200.
min_improvement_for_file_output Real The minimum relative improvement needed for file output; default = 0.05.
max_generations_without_file_output size_t The maximum number of iterations without file output; default = 1000.
signature_prefix String Prefix signature with custom string. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.
signature_postfix String Append custom string to signature. Special tags: DATE_TIME, DATE_TIME_EXACT, SCONE_VERSION.

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