Reflex based on the value of a specific point on a body.

Must be part of ReflexController.

Inherits from Reflex.

Parameter Type Description
source String Name of the Body that is the source of this Reflex.
offset Vec3 Offset of the body point [m] in the local coordinate frame of the body.
direction Vec3 Direction in which to measure position, velocity or acceleration, in global coordinate frame.
P0 Real Target position [m] of the body point; default = 0.
V0 Real Target velocity [m/s] of the body point; default = 0.
A0 Real Target acceleration [m/s^2] of the body point; default = 0.
KP Real Position feedback gain; default = 0.
KV Real Velocity feedback gain; default = 0.
KA Real Acceleration feedback gain; default = 0.
C0 Real Constant actuation added to the reflex; default = 0.
target String Name of the target actuator; use _o for actuators on the opposite side.
min_control_value Real Minimum output for this reflex; default = -infinity.
max_control_value Real Maximum output for this reflex; default = +infinity.
delay TimeInSeconds Neuromuscular delay [s] used for this reflex; default = 0.

Converted from doxygen using dokugen