Hyfydy vs OpenSim

Hyfydy is a new simulation engine that provides a 50-100x speed gain over OpenSim – using the same muscle and contact models. It can be used directly within SCONE and is compatible with existing SCONE scenarios.

Hyfydy is already being used successfully by scientists worldwide to enhance their biomechanics research. For more information and a free trial license, please visit hyfydy.com.

The income generated from Hyfydy licenses is used directly to support the development of SCONE. Hyfydy is not funded by any research grant; it has been privately developed by the author of SCONE, with the goal to dramatically decrease the optimization time required for predictive musculoskeletal simulations.

*Optimization of 10 a second gait simulation in SCONE (1000 generations), using [Geyer & Herr 2010] for control, [Millard et al. 2013] for muscle dynamics, and a non-linear Hunt-Crossley contact force model. The optimizations were performed on a 4-core i7 Intel CPU.