Frequently Asked Questions

What does SCONE stand for?

SCONE is a tasty acronym for Simulated Controller OptimizatioN Environment.

How can I contribute to SCONE?

By submitting bug reports, feature requests, and by posting on our SCONE forum. If you're a C++ programmer, you can help out by downloading and improving the source code. See Contributing to SCONE for more details.

Can I use SCONE for my own project? What license is it published under?

Yes, you are free to use SCONE for whatever you want, as long as you adhere to the GPL license. If your publication uses SCONE, please cite the following paper:

T. Geijtenbeek. SCONE: Open Source software for Predictive Simulation of Biological Motion. Manuscript under review, 2019.

Why GPL and not some less restrictive license?

Because some of SCONE's components use GPL licenses. If at some point we can replace these libraries, we might update the license of SCONE to something less restrictive.

What kind of machine do I need to run SCONE?

It depends on how many optimizations you want to run simultaneously. SCONE allows you to run as many as you like, but at some point your optimizations will slow down. A single optimization will use as much as ~15 different parallel threads, so the more cores you have on your machine, the better SCONE will run.

Memory-wise, SCONE optimizations have relatively low demands. For example, the gait optimization from the tutorial requires +/- 50 MB per optimization, so it will take a while before you run out of memory. Storage-wise, it's highly recommended to always use a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Here is an overview of recommended specifications:

Machine specification Number of cores Memory Storage Typical use case
Minimum 2 (dual-core) 4 GB SSD Reasonable performance, one or two optimizations at a time
Good 4 (quad-core) 8 GB SSD Decent performance, up to three optimizations at a time
High-end 8 8+ GB SSD Good performance, up to six optimizations at a time
Super high-end 16 16+ GB SSD Great performance, up to twelve optimizations at a time
Epic 32+ 16+ GB SSD Awesome performance, lots of simulations at a time
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