SCONE Models

The central part of a predictive simulation is the (musculoskeletal) model of the entity you wish to simulate. Out-of-the-box, SCONE works with any OpenSim model – both 2D and 3D – and can be extended to work with other simulation packages.

Even though SCONE focuses on musculoskeletal models and neuromuscular control, SCONE can work with any type of model. The only requirement is that a model contains controllable actuators, such as muscle-tendon units or torque-based actuators. For simulating contact reaction forces, a model also requires collision shapes and contact models. Finally, models typically contain limit forces to simulate the forces generated by tendons and bony structures when a joint reaches a certain limit.

Always try to keep your model as simple as possible! Each actuator you add to the model requires additional control parameters that need to be optimized. Each element you add to a model makes the simulation run slower.