Batch Optimization using the Command Line

Command-line interface

If you need to automate multiple optimizations, you can use the sconecmd, the SCONE command-line interface. By default, it is located in C:\Program Files\SCONE\sconecmd.exe, and can be used as follows:

"C:\Program Files\SCONE\sconecmd.exe" -o "your_file.scone"

You can vary any setting in your .scone scenario by specifying it in the command line, for example:

"C:\Program Files\SCONE\bin\sconecmd.exe" -o "your_file.scone" CmaOptimizer.random_seed=10

Batch Optimizations

You can also create a Windows .bat file which contains multiple commands:

set SCONECMD="C:\Program Files\SCONE\bin\sconecmd.exe"
%SCONECMD% -o "your_file.scone" CmaOptimizer.random_seed=10
%SCONECMD% -o "your_file.scone" CmaOptimizer.SimulationObjective.ModelOpenSim3.model_file=data/test_model.osim

If you wish to run multiple optimizations in parallel, you can do so by prefixing your command with start:

set SCONECMD="C:\Program Files\SCONE\bin\sconecmd.exe"
start %SCONECMD% -o "your_file.scone" CmaOptimizer.random_seed=10
start %SCONECMD% -o "your_file.scone" CmaOptimizer.SimulationObjective.ModelOpenSim3.model_file=data/test_model.osim