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 ====== SCONE Version History ====== ====== SCONE Version History ======
 +==== SCONE 1.5.0 ==== 
 +//Released June 19, 2020// 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * New ''​Parameter View''​ window that shows all optimization parameters in the current scenario. 
 +  * New ''​Evaluation Report''​ window that shows the measure results from the most recent evaluation. 
 +  * Context-sensitive help: pressing F1 in the scenario shows on-line help for the keyword under the cursor. 
 +  * New ''​StepMeasure''​ for penalizing stride length and/or step duration, thanks to **Dimitar Stanev**. 
 +  * ''​GaitStateController''​ can now have single-sided controllers,​ using the ''​legs''​ parameter. 
 +  * Help menu now has links for ''​About...''​ and ''​User Forum''​ 
 +  * New (very useful!) text editor option: Press ''​Ctrl + /''​ to toggle comments for the current selection. 
 +  * ''​.scone''​ files now support ''​%%//​%%''​ and ''/​*''​ ''​*/''​ style comments. 
 +  * New menu option ''​Window -> Reset Window Layout''​ to restore the original window layout. 
 +  * ''​EffortMeasure''​ now supports ''​SquaredMuscleActivation''​. 
 +  * ''​SequentialController''​ now outputs which controller is active in the AnalysisWindow,​ as '​active_index'​. Closes #200. 
 +  * ''​FeedForwardController''​ now has ''​include''​ and ''​exclude''​ settings for targeting specific actuators. 
 +  * Measures now have a ''​threshold_transition setting''​ for gradually decreasing the measure if they approach the threshold (if any).  
 +  * ''​BodyMeasure''​ now uses ''​direction''​ and has option for magnitude. 
 +  * ''​GaitMeasure''​ ''​base_bodies''​ now use model foot bodies by default, instead of toes_l / toes_r. This will result in a slightly different outcome for existing scenarios that have no ''​base_bodies''​ specified. 
 +  * New command line option -b for benchmarking a scenario 
 +  * ''​MimicMeasure''​ now has ''​average_error_limit''​ and ''​peak_error_limit''​ options for early termination 
 +  * Option to store linear and angular momentum. 
 +=== Updates and Fixes === 
 +  * ''​Edit -> Find''​ and ''​Find Next''​ now also work with .lua files. 
 +  * Find Text now starts at the next occurrence. Added a hint for using F3 / Shift + F3. Closes #188. 
 +  * ''​RangePenalty''​ documentation now shows min and max parameters instead of '​range'​. 
 +  * The ''​RangePenalty''​ default of (-inf, inf) now works correctly with angle types, such as in ''​DofMeasure''​ postion / velocity. 
 +  * When creating a video while ffmpeg is not found, an error message is shown instead of a silent exit. 
 +  * Fixed issue where loading an invalid OpenSim model could crash SCONE. 
 +  * Fixed tab order in AnalysisView tab order between filter and select checkbox. 
 +  * Error for unnamed child controllers is now warning again. 
 +  * Fixed rare invalid cycle detection in Gait Analysis. 
 +  * Fixed Lua automatic indentation when using '​for'​ or '​while'​. 
 +  * Simulation no longer crashes when no controller is defined. 
 +  * Models are now called ModelOpenSim3 / ModelOpenSim4 to be consistent with the online help. Tutorials have been updated. 
 +  * Current optimization progress is now shown in optimization window tooltip. 
 +  * SCONE now always logs to the terminal under Linux. 
 +  * Message "​Invalid scenario settings"​ now shows invalid setting(s) in message window. 
 +  * Gait Analysis now provides more useful error messages when loading a template. 
 +  * No longer is a restart required after selecting a different gait analysis template. 
 +==== SCONE 1.4.0 ==== 
 +//Released March 3, 2020// 
 +=== New Features and Updates === 
 +  * Gait Analysis support, allowing users to extract gait cycles from simulation results, and compare gait parameters to norm data 
 +  * Scripting improvements and updates: 
 +    * Greatly improved error handling in Lua scripts, closes #184, closes #80, closes #81 
 +    * ScriptMeasure and ScriptController now support '​external_files',​ which can be used to add files included by a '​require'​ keyword. closes  
 +    * Support for automatic indentation when editing Lua files 
 +    * Renamed LuaMuscle::​fiber_force() to LuaMuscle:​force() 
 +  * Video output and visualization:​ 
 +    * Add option to automatically set resolution of a video by resizing the viewer window (floating windows only) 
 +    * Video output now supports mp4 (default), avi and mov container formats 
 +    * Added optional visualization of Body Center of Mass (COM) 
 +  * Data analysis: 
 +    * Added option to permanently '​Keep'​ specific graphs in the Analysis window (''​Ctrl+Shift+k''​),​ allowing easy comparison between different results 
 +    * Added option to extract specific channels to separate tab-separated file, via ''​Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced''​ 
 +    * Added option to output relation between dof and muscle length to file, via ''​Tools -> Muscle Analysis''​ 
 +    * Added option to show model information to the messages window, via ''​Tools -> &Model Analysis''​ 
 +  * FeedForwardController now supports ''​SineWave'',​ with parameterizable ''​amplitude'',​ ''​frequency'',​ ''​phase'',​ and ''​offset''​ 
 +  * Added ''​initial_equilibration_activation''​ parameter for to Model 
 +  * Pressing ''​F2''​ in Optimization Results now allows renaming files and folders 
 +=== Fixes === 
 +  * Fix several crashes related to scenario or script errors 
 +  * Progress window now report error message in case of flat fitness on first generation 
 +  * Fixed message "Could not find Optimizer":​ SCONE no longer tries to evaluate a .scone file that doesn'​t have the word "​Optimizer"​ in it 
 +  * Pressing "​Cancel"​ when asked to "Save Changes"​ now works correctly 
 +  * Fixed default file type when using "File -> Save As...",​ closes #186 
 +  * Fixed crash when trying that write to an .sto that is open in anther program, closes #185 
 +  * Fixed GaitMeasure step length and step duration reporting 
 +  * EffortMeasure Wang2012 is now guaranteed to be non-negative 
 +  * Fixed potential crashes in SconeStorageDataModel::​timeValue(),​ SconeStorageDataModel::​label() and SconeStorageDataModel::​getSeries() 
 +  * Many documentation fixes and updates 
 +  * Viewer no longer gets keyboard focus after evaluating a .par file 
 +  * Double-clicking a folder in "​Optimization Results"​ now opens the folder instead of showing an error
 ==== SCONE 1.3.3 ==== ==== SCONE 1.3.3 ====
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