What's new

SCONE 1.2.1

Released July 25, 2019


  • ScriptController and ScriptMeasure: Lua scripts now support 'require' for including other scripts located in the same folder
  • FeedForwardController now supports CoordinateActuators
  • FeedForwardController no longer crashes when no actuators could be found

SCONE 1.2.0

Released June 25, 2019

New Features and Updates

  • Contacts forces are now correctly reported and displayed in the SCONE 3D visualizer.
  • Ground plane visualization now supports tilt and offsets.
  • GaitMeasure takes into account ground plane slopes when detecting falling.
  • Improved support for defining symmetric / asymmetric controllsers. The 'symmetric' property now works as expected in all controllers and is inherited from parent controllers if not specified (root controller defaults to true).
  • Scripting (ScriptMeasure and ScriptController): * Added support store_data() for writing data to .sto and SCONE analysis window * Improved error handling and reporting for scripts * added body:point_pos and body:point_vel * added functionality to LuaVec3 and LuaQuat (see reference manual)
  • Added warning in folder preferences dialog to avoid network drives (issue #53)
  • Pressing F5 will now evaluate the currently active scenario (if any)
  • When pressing Ctrl + T or Ctrl + F5 while a .lua file is active, scone tries to open a .scone instead.
  • Updated tutorials and documentation


  • All open files are now checked for modification when running a scenario
  • Close current tab (Ctrl+W) now works correctly
  • Jump tutorials now use correct init_file
  • JumpMeasure now supports both 'body' and 'target_body', matching documentation and maintaining backwards compatibility
  • Text modification detection now works properly with undo
  • Text documents are now automatically focused when opened

SCONE 1.1.1

Released May 29, 2019

New Features and Updates

  • Added new MuscleMeasure for penalizing muscle activation, length and contraction velocity (issue #36).
  • RangePenalty now supports 'mode' setting, allowing the final penalty to be the 'average' (default), 'lowest', or 'highest' of all recorded
  • New measure_type in EfforMeasure: SquaredMuscleStress. This minimizes the sum of (F/PCSA)^2 for all muscles.
  • Controllers now have 'name' member that is used as a prefix for all parameter names. This should prevent undesired parameter name clashes when combining controllers. CompositeController displays warning when child controllers have identical names.
  • Added warning in folder preferences dialog to avoid network drives (issue #53)
  • Documentation updates
  • Tutorial updates


  • SequentialController now works correctly
  • NoiseController more accurately handles cases where the noise STD is zero
  • tutorial 6b, renamed 'gyro' to 'external balance device'

SCONE 1.1.0

Released May 20, 2019

New Features and Updates

  • SCONE now has a powerful new scripting interface for custom controllers and measures
    • Using the lua scripting language (http://lua.org)
    • Create custom controllers using ScriptController
    • Create custom measures using ScriptMeasures
    • Support for writing custom data to .sto and SCONE Analysis window
  • The SCONE Studio editor now supports Find (Ctrl+F) and Find Next / Previous (F3 / Shift+F3)
  • The .SCONE file format is now more strict:
    • Comments using ';' '' '/*' and '*/' are no longer supported * Only single line comments '#' and multi-line comments '###' are supported * Improved unit testing * Many documentation updates and fixes === Fixes === * Jump tutorials now use correct init_file * Editor now handles undo/redo of document formatting as single step * JumpMeasure now supports both 'body' and 'target_body', matching documentation and keeping backwards compatibility ==== SCONE 1.0.0 ==== Released April 18, 2019 === Updates === * Documentation updates * Depricated StateController, TimeStateController and SensorStateController ==== SCONE 0.22.1 BETA ==== Released April 16, 2019 === Updates === * Documentation updates * Updates to unit testing * SCONE now uses OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1 (see https://openscenegraph.org) === Fixes === * SCONE now ignores the initial_load setting when a model does not have contact geometry, preventing the software from hanging. ==== SCONE 0.22.0 BETA ==== Released April 4, 2019 === Updates === * SCONE now displays a warning dialog when a scenario contains invalid setting * New and updated tutorials * Added keyboard shurtcuts in SCONE viewer: * 'r' reset viewer camera * 'x' view model along x direction * 'y' view model along y direction * 'z' view model along z direction * Improved reading and error reporting of SCONE scenarios === Fixes === * Fixed visualization of scaled OpenSim models (OpenSim3) * Restored DATE_TIME_EXACT tag in signatures ==== SCONE 0.21.0 ALPHA ==== Released February 13, 2019 === Updates === * New tutorials * Improved scone scenario notation, 'type' parameter can now be omitted * Model properties can now be set via ModelProperties * External files can now be included using « FILENAME » * Improved appearance * Added unit tests * DATE_TIME year now uses 2 digits === Fixes === * NoiseController now works when noise sigma is zero * Better handling of upper / lower parameter bounds during optimizaiton ==== SCONE 0.20.1 ALPHA ==== Released January 8, 2019 === Fixes === * Issue where negative tendon lengths would cause a crash in the visualization * Issue where simulations with a duration with a decimal point would not terminate correctly ==== SCONE 0.20.0 ALPHA ==== Released December 14, 2018 === Updates === * Ground reaction force is now output both as normalized [gBW] as unnormalized [N] data. * New data output: Center of Pressure (CoP) and Ground Reaction Moment [Nm] ==== SCONE 0.19.4 ALPHA ==== Released December 6, 2018 === Fixes === * Fixed regression reading vector data ==== SCONE 0.19.3 ALPHA ==== Released December 6, 2018 === Fixes === * When evaluating a scenario from sconecmd.exe, the average parameters are now used instead of the best, in order to be consistent with scenario test (Ctrl + T) from SCONE studio. ==== SCONE 0.19.2 ALPHA ==== Released December 5, 2018 === Fixes === * Fixed issue reading state_init_optimization.exclude from legacy scripts * Fixed issue where data output settings were not read when running from command-line ==== SCONE 0.19.1 ALPHA ==== Released November 19, 2018 === Updates === * Ground plane can now be hidden === Fixes === * Fixed auto-formatting issues in scone editor * Correctly handle transform and scale of display geometry ==== SCONE 0.19.0 ALPHA ==== Released November 14, 2018 === New Features and Updates === * Improved support for batch processing through the command line interface * Added setting for output video quality and video frame rate * Example updates ==== SCONE 0.18.0 ALPHA ==== Released October 17, 2018 === New Features and Updates === * MuscleReflex can now act with activation as source (using KA, A0 and allow_neg_A) * Reflexes can now use contralateral sources, using `_o` postfix. * Added initial_load and initial_load_dof to allow control over the initial position of the model === Fixes === * Sided reflex data in analysis output is now displayed correctly * Invalid initial_load settings now produce a warning instead of an error * Documentation fixes ==== SCONE 0.17.1 ALPHA ==== Released October 12, 2018 === Fixes === * Fixed issue where settings could not be loaded the first time * Fixed error in the Gait GH2010 example ==== SCONE 0.17.0 ALPHA ==== Released October 11, 2018 === New Features and Updates === * Many visualization improvements * New, more robust system for storing settings * Example gait model updates (fixed gastroc length issue) * Documentation updates === Fixes === * Several minor stability improvements ==== SCONE 0.16.0 ALPHA ==== Released October 5, 2018 === New Features and Updates === * NoiseController for simulating Motor Noise * BodyMeasure for measuring position, speed and velocity of a point on a body * JumpMeasure now has offset on body for measuring height * Controllers can now be defined outside Model * Updated Examples === Fixes === * Simulation errors are now properly reported * .par filenames are now written correctly with extremely high / low fitness ==== SCONE 0.15.0 and earlier ==== Changes to SCONE are officially published since version 0.16.0
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