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 ====== Acknowledgements ====== ====== Acknowledgements ======
-The SCONE development has been made possible through the following ​contributions+==== Contributors ===== 
-  * The National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NIH P2C HD065690) +SCONE was designed and developed by [[https://​github.com/​tgeijten|Thomas Geijtenbeek]]. The following ​people have contributed to the development of SCONE
-  * MD-Paedigree project +  * [[https://​github.com/​carmichaelong|Carmichael Ong]] -- Partial Linux support, EffortMeasure improvements,​ PointMeasure,​ testing. 
-  * The NWO Veni grant+  * [[https://​github.com/​chrisdembia|Christopher Dembia]] ​-- CMake scripting, Clang support, basic OSX support, OpenSim 4.0 support. 
 +  * [[https://​github.com/​mitkof6|Dimitar Stanev]] -- Full Linux support, Travis CI integration.
-====== Contributions ====== +==== Funding ​==== 
-SCONE was designed and developed by [[https://​github.com/​tgeijten|Thomas Geijtenbeek]]. ​The following people have contributed to the development of the SCONE software+The development of SCONE has been made possible through ​the following financial contributions
-  * [[https://​github.com/​carmichaelong|Carmichael Ong]] +  * The European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 600932
-  * [[https://​github.com/​chrisdembia|Christopher Dembia]]+  * The National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NIH P2C HD065690). 
 +  * The VENI research program with project number 15153, which is (partly) financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).